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Do you love your guitar?

Well, I obviously do. And if you do…. I’m working on a new track, and a video to go along with it – and I’d love to include a pic of you loving your guitar (or bass) in it. (You’ll be in the credits, of course.) So if you’d like me to include a pic […]

News for my 60th spin around the sun…

Greetings to you and yours… I hope this finds you well at the start of a new year that, I HOPE, won’t be as crazy as the past couple have been. I thought that my 60th birthday would be a good time to reconnect with you all, and give you an update. (Hard to believe […]

A blast from the past… 2007 interview

In 2007, I did an interview  (with a sore throat) , on an NYC TV show called “The New Yorkers”. It was originally only available on MySpace, and when they revamped, a bunch of old videos were lost. It turned up on a hard drive here, and I thought I’d share it.   (The interview […]