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I FINALLY recorded a holiday track.

Those of you who know me know that I’ve been recording for a REALLY long time. Seems like forever… but in all that time, I never recorded a holiday song. Well, a lovely ‘net DJ named Anne Alma, who has been very kind in spinning tracks from me on OpenStageRadio for a long time now, […]

A new video!!!

I released a new video over the weekend!!!!

It’s “From the Inside”, from the Let It Go album.

Anatomy of a song… that damned riff.

So here’s how it works, sometimes. If you’re VERY blessed, a song comes to you in one fell swoop. I am hardly ever blessed in that department. Most of the time, my songs come in the form of musical riffs, verses, choruses, solo sections and outros. And I have no clue what the song is […]

I TAPED an update, Dave…

(The title is a loving dig at Dave Lee from The Bugcast, who ribbed me for saying that I was “taping” an update for Patreon.) I just posted a video update to Patreon, in which I discuss a guitar build, plans for an upcoming video and the songs I currently have brewing! Plus an update […]

RIP, Dave…

  Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved making music. He taught himself piano, with a little help, then guitar, then drums and bass, and eventually some awful saxophone. As he grew older, he started recording music and writing his own songs. And one day, this magical thing came into his life, […]