Let It Go – 2020

Quite unlike any other MM album, but as varied as they come – Let It Go features 7 new MM songs and 2 vintage covers.

Let It Go was written and recorded by MM between 2007 and 2020, in Haverstraw and Kingston, NY

All tracks arranged, produced and engineered by MM at home. Sax recorded by Eli Winograd at Lone Pine Road Studio, Kingston, NY.

Bass, drums, guitars, keys, percussion and vocals by MM, except:

The lovely Lara Hope
Into Each Life

The equally lovely Erik Lawrence
Let It Go and Lover, Please

The Uber-talented Neil Alexander
Into Each Life

Listener reviews:

“Evokes memories of the joy of the days when you brought an LP home in your sticky little hands, slid it out of the sleeve and put it on the turntable.
Wonderful stuff.”

“There are no fillers here at all – just well written and produced tracks that won’t fail to impress anybody who loves great music.”

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all instruments and vocals by Mark Marshall | all recordings ©Mark Marshall