As some of you Adobe Creative Cloud users know, or are finding out… all of a sudden, folks can’t access the Adobe Fireworks program, myself included.  Because Adobe has decided to no longer let the program “check in” with their servers.  Suggestions to use it as a trial version work, but are short-lived, for obvious reasons (30 days).

Adobe is simple stating that they no longer support the program, period.  Which is obviously their prerogative.

But this decision is hurting me and many, many others like me, who have come to rely on FW as an essential part of their day to day toolbox.

There have been no updates to Fireworks in forever – and no one is asking for them.  We’re just asking that Adobe let the program check in and go about it’s merry way.

I’ve been a Fireworks user since Macromedia.  (yeah – I’ve been around since the Flash and Director days.) I use it every single day, without fail.  It is fast, clean, easy to use and I’ve built an entire workflow around it – not to mention literally tens of thousands of source files – which I can no longer fully access, because Adobe has decided to no longer let the program “check in”.

As such, this renders all of those layered source files essentially useless – I can open them in another program, but not edit them.  If all Adobe needs to do is let the program check in, who exactly would that hurt?  I AM gladly paying for Adobe Creative Cloud, and have been for years – so it’s not a matter of lost revenue.  I’m at a loss to understand why Adobe has chosen this route.

There are some who are saying “Get over it – it’s old software.  Go find an alternative.”  My reply to that is why?  Why should we have to? FW works just fine AS IS.  No one has to do anything to FW to let it continue to run – except let it continue to run.

If Adobe did this with Photoshop, folks would set the world on fire.

As a very long time Adobe user and supporter – I am asking politely and respectfully, but fervently… please, Adobe – reconsider the decision to kill off Fireworks.  If a future OS update or some such kills it, then I’ll live with it.  But the decision as it stands makes no sense to me, and hurts me in a real working sense.

Thank you for listening.


Postscript: If you’re an Adobe user, I posted a version of this in the Adobe Community forum – please go upvote it and/or share your thoughts.



Rick and I weren’t close buddies… but we connected – for over two decades.

Sometimes, he was like a big kid, and others, he was ethereal, mercurial and all-knowing.  But in all of those states, he was authentically Rick Jarow.

Over that time, I built websites with him, we worked on video projects together, I assisted in his yearly gatherings at Ananda Ashram – where my mother resided for many, many years – and I built his repository of audio at Bandcamp.

Just this past fall, Rick and I met at his home to discuss strategy, expanding his writings online, finding publicists for his books and, well… life.  And we had planned on starting in earnest on these things when he returned from his trip to India.

Sadly, Rick passed of natural causes around the 6th of February.  Well – sadly for us.  I’ve no doubt that he is singing, dancing and chanting in the heavens somewhere.

In one of his last blog posts, on aging – he wrote this – which is incredibly poignant, and fitting for me to share here:

“…facing aging and its attendant phenomena is an initiatic prelude to facing our death, and moving into dying consciously is to greet every moment with a fullness of presence. Where your heart goes is where you find yourself–at any age. Instead of resenting the inconveniences of this process, let us dare to embrace their teachings and let go of what must be let go of with grace and wonder.”

I was blessed to have known him.



I honestly can’t remember if the music was inspired by the video – but I suspect that it was just a happy meeting of the medias.  All shot with a handheld flip camera riding through New York City at night.

1080p version of 2010’s NightRail… with 2024 audio remix.
From the 62 album.

Just a note of thanks… Bandcamp wrote me this morning to say that I had the best month on BC since I started there back in 2009.

This couldn’t have happened without you, and I am very, very grateful. So I raise my trusty mug in a toast to you all, and say “Cheers, and thank you SO very much!”


Love to all.

In searching for files after the ASR-X video last night, I stumbled upon this shoot of a rough vocal session from 2011. I don’t normally shoot these, so it was a treat to find. And there was coffee.