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I TAPED an update, Dave…

(The title is a loving dig at Dave Lee from The Bugcast, who ribbed me for saying that I was “taping” an update for Patreon.) I just posted a video update to Patreon, in which I discuss a guitar build, plans for an upcoming video and the songs I currently have brewing! Plus an update […]

RIP, Dave…

  Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved making music. He taught himself piano, with a little help, then guitar, then drums and bass, and eventually some awful saxophone. As he grew older, he started recording music and writing his own songs. And one day, this magical thing came into his life, […]

This Town

I wrote this sweet, sad thing once upon a time.  I had to revisit it for possible submission for a festival performance, so I decided to marry it to an appropriate video.  I found a lovely one by Matthias Groeneveld of the Netherlands. (You can find his work here at Pixabay.) It’s from my New […]

Do you love your guitar?

Well, I obviously do. And if you do…. I’m working on a new track, and a video to go along with it – and I’d love to include a pic of you loving your guitar (or bass) in it. (You’ll be in the credits, of course.) So if you’d like me to include a pic […]