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An open letter to Adobe.

As some of you Adobe Creative Cloud users know, or are finding out… all of a sudden, folks can’t access the Adobe Fireworks program, myself included.  Because Adobe has decided to no longer let the program “check in” with their servers.  Suggestions to use it as a trial version work, but are short-lived, for obvious […]

Farewell to a friend…

Rick and I weren’t close buddies… but we connected – for over two decades.
Sometimes, he was like a big kid, and others, he was ethereal, mercurial and all-knowing. 

NightRail 2024

I honestly can’t remember if the music was inspired by the video – but I suspect that it was just a happy meeting of the medias.

A word of heartfelt thanks.

Just a note of thanks… Bandcamp wrote me this morning to say that I had the best month on BC since I started there back in 2009.

The more you dig…

In searching for files after the ASR-X video last night, I stumbled upon this shoot of a rough vocal session from 2011.