None of this happens in a vacuum… I am grateful to have listeners and supporters from all over the world.

There are folks here who have played my tracks a whole bunch… some for a very long time.

And there are folks here who have been gracious in both their time and support, including those who are supporting me as ongoing patrons at Patreon.

My gratitude is neverending.

Patreon Patrons – THANK YOU.

Kevin Godbey

Jessica Hyatt

Rebecca Martin

Andrew Dark

Claudia Piano

Folks who funded the Born Wired album through Indiegogo – THANK YOU.

Abby Straus, Alex Brown, Andrew Dark, Belynda Morris, Beth Brooks, Carey Rasmus, Carl Frankel, Cathy Cioffi, Charles Kibel, Christopher Kienle, Christy Keegan, Danielle Magestro, Darien Gold, Darlene Hadsel, Dave and Caroline Lee, David Hallaway, Dave Fields, David Freeman, Dennis Winge, Diane Reeder, Liz de Nesnera, Erich Berg, Erika Napoletano, Franco Vogt, Gerald Berke, Helena Tenorio, Honey Friedman, Larry Rosenthal, Jean and Don Valentine, John Fischer, John Scilipote, Jo Jayson,

K.J. McIntyre, Kim Pecoraro, Kirby Adkins, Keith Slattery and Lindsey Webster, Lawrence Edwards, Lisa Hollinger, Linda Schneider, March Gallagher, Mark Klonfas, Mark Egan, Marta Szabo, Mary Andrews, Michael Levine and Laura Kavanau, Michael Moss, Michael Murgia, Neil and Nita Alexander, Neil Segal, Pat Courtney-Strong, Paul Brazier, Peter Buettner, Peter Cotsis, Peter Wetzler, Philip Bender-Tymon, Dustin Bryant, Rebecca Martin, Richmond Johnston, Steve and Sandy Powell,

Selena Jones, Serena Muh, Ed Kurys, Stephen & Dona Crawford, Tania Dakka, Tammie Allen, Ted Whitmore, Tricia Barber, Theresa Sullivan, Tom Jones, Tom Jones, Trini Garro, Tina Tarbutton, Wes Ackerman and Bill Flanagan.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Folks who graciously play MM stuff:

Thanks, Rusty!

Radio Unleashed with Dave Leonard
Thanks, Dave!!!

LocalMotion with Rita Ryan
Thanks, Rita!

The Justin Wayne Show

Cadence Revolution

Butterflies Radio

Shop Rock

Unsigned Rock Zone

Radio Crystal Blue
(Thanks, Dan!)

Fast Forward
Thanks, Steven!

The Other Side
Thanks, Katie!
Aho, Wahya!

Thanks, Dave & Caroline!

Thanks, Zack!

Top of the Podsafes
Thanks, Chip!

Thanks, Jay!

Artist First
Thanks, ZMan!

Thanks Steve!
Thanks, Dawg!
Thanks, raMOANa!

Thanks Michael G!)

Thanks Mister G.!
Thanks to the whole IndieShowcase crew!!!

Also playing at:

Thank you and love….

sky you’ll never know how much i really love you, young man. i’ll never stop trying to show you. “aziz-light!”

mary, elyse, laura and andrea i always miss you. i’m proud to be your brother, and am thankful that we’ve had each other to help figure this incredibly challenging existence out. i love you no matter the miles.

mom and dad i love you, and i am grateful.

the city of kingston, ny for becoming the home i never had.


frank, jude, barry and andrew from mister kick…. you guys helped me breathe life into it, BIG time. i love you.

nancy for the love and the light and the love and the laughter and the shared joy of music.  i am forever better because of you.

honey friedman so deep in such a short span – thanks always for being there, and letting me be there back. i love you, dawling.

laura kaye i meant every word about our friendship, and the way you inspired me… i love you.

tiffany for the support and love and support and sharing of art and love – you helped bring out the best of the artist in me – the photo sessions didn’t hurt none. i love you.

abby my longtime friend, compatriot and partner in crime – this could have never happened without the love, hard work and struggles we’ve shared…thank you, and i love you always.

barrie kolstein for being a mensch of the highest order… proud to call you my friend.

sukey molloy for the love and friendship and shared joy of creation.

shari marshall thank you for your love, and for such a beautiful, beautiful boy.

chante bodrato and louis palude you believed when few others did, including me – i’m more grateful than you know, and i love you.

dave fields i love you, man.

jeff stark thank you, big brother.

david noble (‘ello sausage!)

ted whitmore my playing changed forever because of you and your incredible gift, and i’ll eternally be grateful.

mike connolly from mjc ironworks – for amazing strings, but also for the support and the mutual lovefest. 🙂

andrew dark how beautiful that one can find a dear friend when it seemed like that kind of thing had passed…

barry & liz hirshberg for being there when he really needed a friend.

mark lo bello and dean pillion at dse.

chris kienle and john scilipote for the paths we’ve shared, and for being the brothers i never had – i’ll always love you for it. now we all go back to work.

michael levine and laura kavanau your love, support and belief has meant more than you could know.

nancy allard your transformation – thank you for achieving it, and for sharing it.  rip.

richard quinn for your invaluable support, friendship, partnership and belief.

judy martin for sharing, understanding and creating out of chaos – you rocked.  rip.

carl hafner (lookout doris!) i miss you!

richard stratton for the inspiration – your struggle helped awaken mine.

tom olori, tom hobbs, john hurson and frederic larreur for invaluable help on the video.

bird york – your story was more of an inspiration than you could know – thank you for your love, light and encouragement.

angelina thanks a lot for not standing me up.

sailor a very, very special thanks – i learned more from your work than i could ever say