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This idea has been percolating in me for some time, and after very careful consideration, I’ve decided to go ahead with it. I’m giving my music away. Moving forward, beginning on 9/22/2021, I will offer my music to anyone, for no charge. You will have the option to buy it if you want, but money […]

A precious Van Halen memory

It was a Saturday – March 25, 1978. Which would have made me 14. I was hanging out in my room in New Jersey… with WPIX-FM, my favorite station, playing – I listened to it all the time. They had been playing this single – You Really Got Me – by this new band Van […]


My dear friends from across the pond, Dave and Caroline Lee of The Bugcast, featured me for a full half hour on their DN12 Live Broadcast. I was totally chuffed (see what I did there?) that they’d ask, and that they included me.  Plus, the first half of the show features an incredibly talented bunch […]

A lovely review of Let It Go

A lovely review of Let It Go, from my dear friend (and awesome musician) Dave Fields. Very grateful. Dave Fields review of Mark Marshall’s LET IT GO by Dave Fields Big City Blues Magazine First of all let me start of by saying that I’ve known Mark my whole life, and he’s my oldest, closest […]