Immi was in my studio! (well, sort of…)

I’m a fan of Imogen Heap.

I first got hung on the song “Hide and Seek“, an extraordinary a capella piece which just made me cry every time I heard it.

Then a dear, dear friend sent me the “Details” album by Frou Frou, which is Immi Heap, partnered with Guy Sigsworth.  I was hooked.

Well, I’ve been following Immi on Twitter for a while now.  And she posted a link about audio files being up for folks to download – here’s the whole story:

“A short time ago, Imogen Heap took a few days out from making her new album to write a track that was supposed to feature at the end of a TV programme. She wrote the song and recorded all the vocals, leaving the music for the composer who was writing the rest of the score so she could get on with her much anticipated new album. For one reason or another the song wasn’t used and so the track never got completed. ”

So she uploaded the raw vocal tracks, no music – and invited people to do whatever they wanted with ’em.  It’s here – the Song that Never Was experiment.

I wasn’t going to do anything with ’em.  Really.  I have my own stuff to work on.  But I did download ‘the tracks, just ’cause I had to hear what was there.


They sat on a machine here for about 3 hours.

And I finally broke.

4 hours later, here’s what came out:


Over the ensuing 4 months or so, it became the #1 track in the series. SO very grateful.

It was a blast, and I’m thrilled with the result.  It was also great having her voice in these here monitors. 🙂




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  1. Honey
    Honey says:

    Hi Markito,
    What a beautiful voice Immi has! Thanks for introducing me to her. And your music is so rich and warm. Glad you had fun!

    I’m off to Mexico to see my kids and will be back 3/17. I’ll be in touch then.



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