Just a Man Drum Session

So over the weekend, my dear friend Joe Scheibelhoffer and I did a live drum recording session. Joe played on “Lover, Please”, and I tried my hand on “Just a Man”.

Now bear in mind – I don’t own a drum kit. And I never get the chance to play. So this is a bit rusty.

UPDATE: The audio from this session has been added to the player.

Unfortunately, the hi hat leaked into the snare mic pretty badly – so I’ll have to redo it.

The edits you see correspond to the audio edits in the actual track.


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  1. Sal Caltabiano
    Sal Caltabiano says:

    🙂 ah yes…….good to see & hear you back on the kit, my friend. I know you said you had mic problems with the hat & snare, but performance-wise it was a good take. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Samadhi’, look it up. I don’t know if it was the lighting or all those shiny cymbals surrounding you, but I swear I could see you glowing, a very joyful energy, almost like your spirit was saying ‘ahhhhhh……that’s better.’ Drums are a very liberating instrument. Somewhat akin to primal therapy. And, honestly, you sounded very much at home, like you never stopped playing. I guess ‘rust’ is a relative term. The emotion of the performance far outweighed any perceived lack of chops (where have I heard that before? HAH!!!). Keep it up, Bud!! Can’t wait to hear “Lover, Please’.

  2. Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall says:

    Thank you so very much. It DID feel really good, and I can’t WAIT to do more. “Lover” will be posted next week – with vid of Joe too!

    (Got YOUR version too – which is LOVELY… I’d like to post it here, if you don’t mind.)

    Much love….


  3. Sal Caltabiano
    Sal Caltabiano says:

    Permission granted 🙂 It’ll be interesting to hear the two versions side by side.

    One thing I’ve always like about your music is your apparently very intimate connection to the musical ‘source’. It makes you a natural at any instrument you choose to play. Whether it’s the guitar, or the drums, or the bass or the keyboards is almost a moot point. YOU are the instrument (You vessel, you. HAH!!!!)

    Can’t wait to hear more. PS – Happy Thanksgiving !



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