-Updated 2/27/24-

Spring is in the air here in the northeast, after a pretty mild winter…

I’m living with my wife here in Kingston, NY… in a building called “The Mansion House” – built in 1854, and renovated in the 1980’s.

(building on left)

And now:

The neighborhood is known as The Rondout, and our place looks out over the Rondout Creek and the home port of the sloop “Clearwater”.  It’s a pretty special place to call home.

In January, I turned 62, and released an album of 62 tracks. (well, actually 63 tracks – but that’s a longer story.)

On top of my daily media duties, I’m volunteering as the Director of Communications for The Arts Society of Kingston, just up the hill from us. I’m also part of the crew running a local cable TV station, CatskillsAir.

And I’ve got a beautiful 6-year-old boy named Julian, who spends a couple of days a week with me, and melts my heart.

recent pics of life from instagram