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Lost New Eye pics….

So I was going through some pics for the new site, and came upon these.  You New Eye fans will recognize the scene…but there’s a story behind it.

The story goes like this: Andrew Dark – a dear friend, who is a member of this site, and whom the song “Bye, Andy…” was penned for, used to run a dramatic theatre in Nyack called The Black Cat. Unfortunately, due to circumstances way beyond his control, they had to close the place. So they had a party one night, with dozens of actors, crew and friends, to celebrate the place.

There was no smoking in the theatre, and I was still smoking at that point. So I went out in back to grab a smoke. I had my digital camera with me – which I carry in my bag almost everywhere… and I thought – “hey – this looks like a great place to take a picture!”

I put my camera on a dumpster, and set it for 10-second times, and took these shots. What I didn’t notice until months later was the little sun drawing on the wall to the right of me – which I have loved ever since. I was there in the past 6 months, and it has almost completely faded.


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