Into Each Life – the room!

I always loved “making of” featurettes… and now I get to share one!

I first heard Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall – a record by Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots – while playing a video game called Fallout 3.  In F3, you are wandering the ruins of post-apocalyptic Washington DC and its’ suburbs.  But while you’re doing that, you can listen to the radio – to a guerilla radio station called Galaxy News Radio, which plays all this GREAT old music – which I’ve always had an affinity for. (You can listen to all the songs from the station here on youtube.)

So when it came time to make a video for it, I wanted to do something that was, at least in part, an homage to the game.  Hence the dilapidated room.

But how to go about that?  Well… this video will show you how I did it. (Well, at least how I made the room.)  Between that and the editing of the actual video, it was a tremendous amount of work.  But I’m incredibly proud of how it turned out.


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