I quit smoking…

Update to the below: this post was written on 5/19/2010… today, in 2017 – I have been smoke-free for nearly 7 years.

Couldn’t be happier.  🙂


On 5/19,  I quit smoking.

This might sound like a small deal.  It’s NOT.

I’ve been smoking since I was 13 or so.  For the vast majority of time, a pack a day.

My new alternative?


E-cigs are essentially nicotine delivery devices – with one really important difference – you don’t BURN anything. So you’re not breathing in smoke at all. It’s vapor. They come in a billion different flavors and strengths.

But most importantly – they helped me kick smoking after nearly 35 years. Pretty damned cool.

Ignore the date on this video – I added it after the fact, and totally got it wrong.

You can find out more about e-cigs than you ever thought possible here.

What you’ll need:

1. a starter kit, which comes with the items I show in the video

2. Cartomizers (the tip with the liquid in it.) I’m a fan of the Wowboy carts, but you should experiment and find one you like. There are about 8 BILLION flavors.

3. Someone to give your ashtrays to – you won’t need them anymore.


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  1. dariadij
    dariadij says:

    Thanks for sharing .. humm this is not printing. I just ordered it myself .. in case you can read this. But I cannot see what I am typing. I will send you a message on FB in case you do not see this. Daria BTW you may know my brother Eugene then. He went to Ridgewood High in the end, but was also from Haworth,


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