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Mark Marshall

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“If you’re content with the current musical status quo, don’t buy this album.
This album is NOT a rehash of “the industry’s” bottom line. Or an attempt to jump a genre bandwagon.
This is Music! Sorely missed Original Music. It is a rich, eclectic mix, crossing borders and
redefining creativity. A musical portrait for the ears. The production and engineering are
first rate – and as creative as the music itself. Buy this album, pop in the earbuds,
and be prepared to lose yourself in this truly rich experience.”
-an iTunes listener

<a href="">Travelin' Band by Mark Marshall</a>

<a href="">My Heart by Mark Marshall</a>

all instruments and vocals by Mark Marshall | all recordings 2007 Mark Marshall
all songs 2007 Mark Marshall
except "Travelin' Band" composed by John Fogerty & 1969 Jondora Music - used with permission.
all rights reserved

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Voiceover Samples
Mark has been doing vocals/voiceover work on and off-site for EVER.

One Minute Reel Straight and character voices in 60 seconds   MP3 (1.8 mb)






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