In the last remaining hours
of another year
about to end

I just had to take a moment
and thank you
for being my friend

The world was better ’cause you were here
and the moments we shared
were dear to me

And I can’t wait to spend another year
with you.

And many more. 🙂

Once upon a time, back in 2007… I had this album called New Eye.

And as indie musicians were want to do, I was searching for places where I might, possibly, maybe if I was lucky… get my music played… (and, if I was incredibly lucky, get a chance to actually get on-air to talk about it.)

In my virtual travels, I came across IndieShowcase… part of


And when I found them… I didn’t just find a place to get my music played, or get on the air…  I found folks who treated me like family… and Awesomeradio wasn’t US-centric… they handed off the on-air duties to folks around the globe.. so in a way, I found a little worldwide family.

They were always incredibly kind to me…we spent hours, on the air and in the chat rooms, together.  We virtually shared drinks and laughter and life stories.  For an all-too-brief time, it was like hanging out with your best buddies in the world.

Well, I got word this week that after over a decade, AwesomeRadio and IndieShowcase are ceasing to do podcasts… in essence, they are shutting down.  I know for sure that I am not the only indie artist to say how grateful I am that they were here… that they’ll be missed… and I hope that the tradition they helped cement in the early days continues to grow – because it’s so very badly needed.

A very, very special farewell to Skys Whitney, who was my lovely and naughty partner-in-crime for every interview I did there.  We had SO much good-natured fun, and she was incredibly supportive throughout – not just of what I had already released, but what I was working on, too.  (There will always be a bowtie in my heart for you.  LOL.)

My artistic life is undoubtedly better and fuller because of Awesomeradio, IndieShowcase and Skys.  You folks were so loving to me… you had an amazing run, and I’m both proud and incredibly grateful to have been along for the ride.

Much, much much love to Shashi, Skys and all the other folks who made AR and IS happen.


p.s. – I unearthed the old-school station ID I did for them – here:  <3



So here’s my dilemma.

Jess pointed out that some folks might not know what my initial cover design said if they didn’t know the album title.

So I put it to you… can you read the first B/W version, or should I go with one where all of the letters are clearly visible?

My yearly ode to you. <3

So if you know and love “Something to Believe“, this’ll knock your socks off.

This was done a full year before the actual song was written – and it gives you an insight into how I often write. What you can hear is how much of a song comes out in me in the instrumental that precedes it.

(I love that ending section, and have every intention of doing something with it.)