So I was heading down to a local restaurant for a mid-afternoon meetup with a newfound but dear friend.

As it was a beautiful, crisp fall day, I decided to walk it – not too far, and Lord knows I can use the exercise.  So I grabbed my headphones and player, thinking that it’d be a good opportunity to do some writing listening.  (playing a few of the tracks I’m working on while doing something else, for a change.)  In the past, just being with the music in this way, outside of a working environment, has occasionally brought some newfound words or phrases – or just a new take on something.  It’s never been profound, but sometimes a little helpful.

So off I went.  Had a great time with my friend, and after a couple of hours, his wife came – they were staying for dinner, so I said my goodbyes and headed out the door.

Once outside, I put the ‘phones back on and started the trek home – and a remarkable thing happened. Read more