Mark Marshall - New Eye

Mark Marshall - New Eye

In 2007, I released an album called New Eye.

It was recorded at home over the course of three years… a labor of love, it contained 19 tracks of varied styles and lengths – all of which I wrote, arranged, played and engineered.

As a lifelong lover of recorded music, there is no way I can overstate how grateful I was (and am) for the wonderful reception it got. I was so touched that people were touched BY it.

At the time, I was nearly broke, so I couldn’t even think about having it mastered. My only option was to wait… and I didn’t want to. So I let it go as is.  In the end, it’s light years away from a real record… it was made on a shoestring with pretty crappy gear – and while there are certainly things I’d change if I had the chance, I love it for what it is… a snapshot in time, and a piece of my life in music.

Fast forward 6 years… my life had completely changed. I’d been blessed with a beautiful relationship with an amazing woman, I’d moved to a new town full of creative energy, where I found more true friends and great acquaintances than in any time in my life, and completely changed the technology I used to make music, and the way I wrote to boot.

During the course of those pretty profound life changes, I decided to revisit some of the tracks and music from New Eye.  And therein lies the impetus for The Other New Eye.

theotherneweyeI also promised some very patient diehard folks, who have been along with me on the ride to releasing new albums, that I would do this… and I wanted to honor some of these original tracks with proper remasters, and slip out some extra tracks that were recorded at the time, but never used.

There are tracks here that were the start of something, but didn’t pan out… songs I didn’t include because there wasn’t room on a CD for them… songs I hadn’t finished when it was time to go into “labor” and birth it, and a few little demo scraps for fun. There are also a couple of newer versions of New Eye songs, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

It also marks the end of a time for me… the stuff I’m working on now is from another universe entirely, both from a quality and a songwriting perspective. More on that in the weeks to come.

As promised, I’ve included the original New Eye album in its’ entirety, so this’ll keep you busy for quite a while.

But enough outta me for now. Here it is… The Other New Eye. Well over 2 hours of music from my heart to your ears. If you already know New Eye, I hope this gives you a little extra kick… if not, I hope you enjoy it all for the first time. I had a blast putting it together.

Most heartfelt thanks to Pure Tone for making “Something to Believe” all it was originally intended to be – that was, in part, the event that started this (And for the record… the acronym for The Other New Eye is TONE… coincidence?  I think not.)

And a very big THANK YOU to Sal, Carl, and all of my friends, both virtual and real-world… to those folks who took me and New Eye under their wing and gave us a home… and above all, to Nancy for love and constant encouragement throughout.

And, to YOU, as always… thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.

Much love,


(I’ve written more about the individual tracks on The Other New Eye here, and the original New Eye mini-site is alive and well here if you’re interested in some history.)

So I was going through some pics for the new site, and came upon these.  You New Eye fans will recognize the scene…but there’s a story behind it.

The story goes like this: Andrew Dark – a dear friend, who is a member of this site, and whom the song “Bye, Andy…” was penned for, used to run a dramatic theatre in Nyack called The Black Cat. Unfortunately, due to circumstances way beyond his control, they had to close the place. So they had a party one night, with dozens of actors, crew and friends, to celebrate the place.

There was no smoking in the theatre, and I was still smoking at that point. So I went out in back to grab a smoke. I had my digital camera with me – which I carry in my bag almost everywhere… and I thought – “hey – this looks like a great place to take a picture!”

I put my camera on a dumpster, and set it for 10-second times, and took these shots. What I didn’t notice until months later was the little sun drawing on the wall to the right of me – which I have loved ever since. I was there in the past 6 months, and it has almost completely faded.