In June 2007, Mark joined host Scott “Zman” Z. for a free-wheeling 80-minute interview about life, music and the release of “New Eye”, on the Artist First Radio Network.

Ten years to the month later, Mark rejoined Scott to talk about his next release – “Born Wired”.

You can listen to the 2017 interview here

You can find the 2007 interview here.

Born Wired will be released in August.

After about five years, and countless hours, the Born Wired album is finally FINISHED.

13 tracks – 10 originals and 3 covers… it’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever done.

Within the next 3 weeks, you’ll see an Indiegogo campaign to get the album out!

Grateful as all get out to all those who have supported me through this, including my awesome Patreon patrons.

Can’t wait to get it OUT!




An absolutely foolproof method for making download cards with Bandcamp and just plain Avery labels.

I use Bandcamp to get my music out there.  It’s an awesome tool for artists – not just for selling music, but for different means of distributing it.

Just one of the many great features they have is download codes.  This allows an artist to sell digital downloads at a show, or send fans an individual link to an album or a single, in multiple high-quality formats – mp3, .wav, .aiff, FLAC, etc.

They also offer the options of downloading these codes in a CSV, or printing right from the screen.  All great.

Well, for a gig last month, I wanted download cards so I could sell music at the show.

I ordered two different cards from Overnight Prints, who I love… and left space on the back of both cards for a label with the code.

Here’s the problem… I tried multiple, multiple ways to get the codes into a word document or the like, so I could print labels to put on my download cards.

I spent hours.  And nothing worked.

Well, through trial and error, I found an absolutely foolproof method for doing this, and wanted to share it.  It’s really simple, and relatively quick.  I had sheets of download labels within 20 minutes.

First off – I used standard Avery return address labels from my local Staples – Avery 8195.  60 labels per sheet, they are big enough to print a readable code on, but small enough that they don’t take too much space:


(you can click any screenshot to see a bigger view if you need to)

1 – I downloaded a CSV file of my download codes from Bandcamp (codes>export), opened it up in a spreadsheet program (you can use some text editors, too) and deleted all of the header information – leaving just the codes. Saved and closed it.

2 – I went to the Avery labels website – they have a tool there where you can design your labels online:–Print-Online.htm?int_id=topnav-templates-DPOstartpage

I entered the product number – 8195 – and hit go. (Note – at this point, it’ll ask you to log in.  if you don’t have an Avery account – just open one – it costs nothing.)

Selected a blank design:

At this point, you’ll be looking at a large single label – and on the left, there’s a button that says “Import Data”:

Click it, and select the CSV file from your computer.

At this point, you’ll be asked to select the rows you want to import.  Your code rows will already be checked:

Click next, and you’ll get this screen:

Drag that field from the left column to the right column, and hit next.  You’ll see:

Click finish.  Now you’ll see a single label – with a download code in it!!!!

You can drag that text box around, and change the font size so that the download code fills the label (careful not to make it too big, as some codes will be wider than others.)

Once you’re done, click “preview and print” on the bottom right.  You’ll see a complete sheet of labels with your codes in them:

Finally – click “Print it yourself” on the right… and then click “print now” on the right.

You’ll be prompted to save your project, and then you’ll get this screen:

Download that PDF, and you’re DONE!  You can print that PDF file directly onto your Avery labels (like they say – never select “fit to page”)

The only thing left to do is label the cards!

Hope this helped!  Feel free to comment if you’ve got questions.

And while you’re at it – please visit my Bandcamp store!


Just a followup on the Falcon gig on the 27th!

These guys just slammed it.  Had an amazing time.  We had a few technical difficulties, but it was a great first foray, and we’re itching to do it again!

And speaking of slamming it – Slam Allen totally killed it – as always.

Love to all.



Those of you who follow me know that I rarely, if ever, play my original material live. Well, that’s about to change.

On January 27th, I’ll be opening for the Blues/Soul master Slam Allen at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY, playing songs from both “New Eye” and my upcoming release “Born Wired“.

I’ve got a stellar band with me… Danny Blume on guitar, Mark Vian on keys, Andy Huenerberg on bass and Ed Driscoll on drums. It’s going to be an amazing night.

And if you haven’t seen Slam Allen, well, you have been missing out. The man is incredibly talented, and a pure showman.

The show starts promptly at 7pm – no cover, but donations are requested at the door… and as is usually the case when Slam plays there, the room gets packed… so make a reservation for a good seat.

Hope to see you there. Truly, truly psyched.

(You can find the Facebook event HERE.)