I’ve lived in the city of Kingston, New York for over 10 years. It is my home, in a way that no other place has ever been.

Which makes me particularly proud to have been accepted for a wonderful, nationally-growing event – The O+ (O Positive) Festival, which is based on a really simple idea:

Underinsured artists and musicians create and perform, in exchange for a variety of services – donated by doctors, dentists and complementary care providers.

O+ calls this exchange “the art of medicine for the medicine of art.”

O+ was founded here in 2010, by a small group of artists-activists, doctors and a dentist. Since then, it has expanded big time. It’s now a national nonprofit, working in cities around the country. And once a year, it takes over this whole city – not just music venues, but the whole city – not just musicians, but visual artists as well.

Nani Chacon working on her mural for the O+ Festival

The factory building I live in is graced by a mural painted by Nani Chacon, which she lovingly created during the O+ Festival last year. Our city is covered in these murals from previous years.

The O+ Festival lasts all weekend long. Virtually every venue in the city takes part. You can get a 3 DAY all-access festival wristband for a suggested donation of only $50, which includes a limited-edition T-shirt as a thank you ($75 donation includes a “Be Prepared” sweatshirt)!

I’ll be playing Saturday night, October 6th, at The Anchor in Kingston – 744 Broadway – with a bunch of great folks.


Mark Marshall and Friends

Dave Fields on Guitar and vocals
Andy Huenerberg on Bass
David Tetrault on Drums
Willie Smith on Sax
Sara Jecko and Martina Enschede on backing vocals
Brock Purdy on some mean-ass harp.

VERY psyched.

More information about the O+ Festival here.

As anyone knows who already has the album…

When I set out to make Born Wired, I wanted to honor the rock and roll that bit me as a kid.

Well, I just got a lovely review from Mike Campbell at The Chronogram magazine, who totally got it.

“…a love letter to a bygone era when hard rock was the business, and business was booming.”

Grateful as all get-out.

You can read the review here:



In the last remaining hours
of another year
about to end

I just had to take a moment
and thank you
for being my friend

The world was better ’cause you were here
and the moments we shared
were dear to me

And I can’t wait to spend another year
with you.

And many more. 🙂

I LOVE making videos.  I love planning them, shooting them, and editing them.

The idea for this one was  (for the vast majority of it) to shoot it with a single view, and create most of the activity with just edits.  And to heighten the movement, all the performances were done to a slowed-down version of the song, and then sped up to match the actual track.

(I got this idea from the “Missionary Man” video by the Eurythmics. )

This one was a whole boatload of fun.  I did a bunch of test shoots before I shot the final – and Jess was so wonderful to work with – and just damned beautiful.

Two little fun tidbits… if you pause the “flashes”, you can see the test shoots in negative… along with the messy room….


Can you count the cats?