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John Mayer NAILS it (and me)

When I first heard John Mayer – what struck me was how old and wise his guitar playing was. Bastard.  🙂 I’ve not been a follower of his – nor do I own any of his stuff… but there’s no doubt that he’s incredibly talented, and has worked at it. I came across a BerkleeBlog […]

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Nylon Scars

So my dear, dear friend Laura Kaye long ago mentioned Nikka Costa, and how much she loved her.  (Nikka’s got a voice wayyy beyond her years… an old-soul funktress.) So when my FB friend Alisa B Anderson posted a link to an awesome new Nikka track a few days ago… I took notice. I heard […]


A beautiful milestone…

So I was writing lyrics about the am radio I listened to when I was 6… And this came across my “desk”… The first performed & recorded music in space… And I wept. Dunno wy – just something beautiful about it. 🙂 Enjoy. M. UPDATE: The following morning, I awoke to a very bright moon… […]


Anatomy of an amazing gig.

So those of you who know anything about me know that I don’t play out live very often.  There are several reasons for this – not the least of which is, as an original artist, you have to either be a band, or else have a band that can play your stuff – neither of […]


Fitting into a box…

The opening lines of my bio sum up this blog post pretty well. How does an artist present themselves to the world when they don’t fit into a predefined box? I started using a service – headliner.fm – which allows you to selectively share your social media space with other artists, on a case-by-case basis. […]