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Baton Rouge

(I just swung through both Baton Rouge and New Orleans on a 5-day trip.  I was going to Baton Rouge for the PreSonus annual PresonuSphere user conference, and because I have former NY friends who live in New Orleans half the year, and because I’ve never been to NOLA, I couldn’t pass up the chance.  […]


A neat little “something” unearthed.

So if you know and love “Something to Believe“, this’ll knock your socks off. This was done a full year before the actual song was written – and it gives you an insight into how I often write. What you can hear is how much of a song comes out in me in the instrumental […]


The Other New Eye.

In 2007, I released an album called New Eye. It was recorded at home over the course of three years… a labor of love, it contained 19 tracks of varied styles and lengths – all of which I wrote, arranged, played and engineered. As a lifelong lover of recorded music, there is no way I […]

Art for art’s sake…

SO… Hi. I’ve been quiet for quite a while…. except on Facebook.  This wasn’t by design – but out of necessity.  Well, not necessity, but health.  I had to find a center from which to operate.  Artists and writers have a tendency to either find that and thrive, or else flame out or just plain […]