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Mark Marshall: New Album, Same Passion

“Imagine it’s the first day out of school and you need that one song to set you over the edge. Well, Mark Marshall made plenty of em. The album is jam-packed with neck-grooving drums and head-banging chord progressions. Each song gives you another reason to let loose and it’s hard not to take him up on his offer.

It’s the type of music to make you sneak out to. The type to make you break your own rules.

The type you definitely won’t listen to just once.

Mark Marshall has been making music for decades and, on albums like this, it shows. He always stays true to a classic rock feel but, he’s definitely not afraid of change. He’s got a few ballads, a few ragers, and a host of everything in between. No matter what style he chooses though, he simply refuses to stray away from one thing: Catchy hooks and excellent lyricism.”

Darius McGrew - IndieBandGuru

New Eye

“Truly…TRULY a talented individual. I am thoroughly impressed by this CD….A major talent that the world needs to hear about.

Everything – I mean everything you hear on this…IS Mark Marshall. Man – what a great album. I’m thrilled to be adding this to our rotation. I’ve actually had a tough time here…we have a rule of thumb at the station on how many songs we can put in from a particular artist…There are nineteen songs on this CD – I would probably play at least 17 of ’em on our station – and actually, I’d play the other two, too.

Honestly – this is an excellently produced piece of artistry. After listening to the whole album, there is a certain cohesiveness to all of this music. This is an OUTSTANDING album – I’m not easily impressed…maybe one out of 40 or 50 albums we get are worthy of putting into rotation. There’s just too much great material here – This is a kickass album.”

Scott “Z-Man” Z. – The Artist First Radio Network

“Mark Marshall is a product of his environment and yet he is the master of what comprises that environment. His 2007 CD New Eye is certainly a whirl-wind of 70’s-90’s music influences that are somehow distinctive rather than cover.

Rather than going track by track to discuss the music I want to share with you the song The Flame. A sneaky little tune smack-dab in the middle of the CD, this instrumental is powerful… emotive… gripping… a life-expressing and changing kind of song. It begins with a simple piano theme that is encased in a synthesized-string cocoon. There is loss, hope, pain and beauty within this song. I can not express in strong enough terms how stirring The Flame is. The kind of song that is just looking for a documentary to star in, you know?

I could write more about each song, about the bizarre and often insane life that Mark Marshall has survived but that would make me one of ninety-billion music biz folks who are chattering about Mark Marshall. I would rather you just listen to The Flame. You’ll immediately know Mark Marshall… at least one side of this complex and very talented musician.”

Mary Palmer – High Plains Public Radio (NPR)

“If you’re content with the current musical status quo, don’t buy this album. This album is NOT a rehash of “the industry’s” bottom line. Or an attempt to jump a genre bandwagon. This is Music! Sorely missed Original Music. It is a rich, eclectic mix, crossing borders and redefining creativity. A musical portrait for the ears. The production and engineering are first rate – and as creative as the music itself. Buy this album, pop in the earbuds, and be prepared to lose yourself in this truly rich experience.”

An iTunes listener

“Mark Marshall’s twenty year career has spanned music, video, and print. As a self-described renaissance man, his music has layers of life experience all wrapped up in one — which he has cultivated into his debut album, New Eye. It’s a record that thrives on a unique variety of rock, pop, electronica, and much more.

Overall, Mark Marshall’s New Eye is exciting as much as it is compelling. It’s a stellar debut, and it’s not to be missed.”

Caroline Leonardo, Evolution of Media

“it’s a voice that makes ya wanna take off yer clothes!”
Skys –

“From the power of Red Electric to the grace of The Flame… New Eye is a must have for your CD collection.”
Wahya aka Da Wolf –

“Have you heard Mark Marshall’s CD yet? If not, shame on you!”
Mike Malloy – Nova-M Radio

“Angelina – I can’t get that song out of my head!”
Judy Martin, broadcaster & journalist

“it’s BRILLIANT, covers most genres and from the heart…love the instrumentals too!”
RaMoana, lg73 radio

“…tunes are amazing!!! I AM A HUGE FAN already … a MEGA talent.”
Deena Miller – CSN

“This CD ROCKS.” – Port Washington, NY

“Do yourself a favor – buy this CD. Then DON’T SKIP ANY SONGS. This CD is GREAT.”

“I’m glad I bought this CD. – it’s FANTASTIC.”

“a great CD – what a great variety of styles, and GREAT music…”

“It was not only fantastic on the first listen…it grows in your heart and soul. Nice, real nice!!!! When is the next release?”

“Miss Directed – this is a great vocalist…I love the delivery.” – Atlanta, GA

“‘Angelina’ gets stuck in my head when I’m at school. There’s a bunch of film nerds that know the words because of my singing!” – San Francisco, CA

“Crossing is one of the best things I’ve heard in a long, long time- damn it’s good!!! The Flame is simple and beautiful” – New York, NY

Listeners around the world

Something to Believe:
“Love the intro – like a theme to a space movie. When the vocals came in it totally changed the song. This is the best song I’ve heard for ages. Highly original. Rock meets blues meet techno. Love it.” – Motherwell, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

“Great Mood & Production Create Compelling Listen – This song has a fantastic mood and groove with top notch instrumental production.” – San Francisco, California

“wow, what a one-of-a-kind song. I’ve never heard anything like it. Fascinating.” – Norwalk, CA

“…quite captivating, makes you feel like there is something big on its way…then when the voice comes in it makes us feel like we must bop our heads..” – Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

“I like that every few bars, there’s something else that comes into the mix that makes you go OH… THAT’S COOL! At 1:11, when things drop out a bit and that one note sustains on the synth w/ the solitary piano notes… very nice! It’s like a big breath of expectation. There’s and quality to the voice that makes me think that this guy really means what he’s saying! The mood is a nice calm ambiance with a tension lying just under the surface.” – New Hamburg, Canada

“I wish I could hear more great honest pop songs like “Something to Believe” – honest meaningful lyrics and great melody.” – Israel

“Hypnotic. Captivating. Great Concept. I Love It.” – Uniontown, PA

“Strong lyrics and delivery with feeling. Good structure…Hook was memorable…This song had a “WOW” factor once it got started. The lyrics express a feeling everyone can relate to…” – Port Saint Lucie, FL

“The voice has a characteristic timbre. Not mainstream, it is different. It is a pleasure to listen to.” – Graz, Austria

Listeners around the world

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