So here it is, January in the Northeast.  We’ve had more rain than snow, which seems to be the pattern these days.

I’m living in Kingston, NY, where I’ve been for over a decade… I’ve found more of a sense of community here than any place I’ve ever lived.  Not sure how much of that is the city, and how much is me… I suspect it’s a little of both.

I’ve been making websites for a bunch of folks, as usual… and doing some various and sundry things for others, like mixing and mastering a meditation CD, and doing the artwork for same.  (I love that kind of work, and don’t charge a lot for it, because of both the nature of it, and the lovely folks I do it for.  It just feels like it’s a way to help get some good energy into the world.)  I just completed my 4th of this kind of CD project.

Separate and apart – I’m working on three music albums of my own – Born Wired…a rock and roll album,  Let It Go…a pop/singer-songwriter album,  and This One Love…an instrumental album.  (oddly enough – the title for the last came directly from one of the meditation CD projects I mentioned above – one that I did the music for as well, back in 2006. )  Other than a couple of horn parts, I am writing, performing, engineering and producing the whole shebang in a home studio – which lends well to the immediacy that sometimes comes with songwriting/recording… and I don’t have to get dressed to do it.

I HAVE been doing a bit of work in an outside studio… Lone Pine Road studios is on the ground floor of the industrial building I’m in, and I’ve done a few vocal and horn sessions there, then brought the audio back here.  I did this specifically because while I’ve been working on my own forever, there’s something freeing about going into a studio to sing when you don’t have to worry about the tech end, like levels – and hitting stop and record.  🙂

Folks are taken aback when I say I’m doing three albums… but there’s a reason for that.  My last real release was 19 tracks, which were all over the place, genre-wise.  This time, I decided to segregate the songs into genre-specific albums. (although I am toying with the idea of doing a separate mega-album version of it all – which could be a blast too, and seeing as releasing digitally costs next-to-nothing… )

I am receiving support for these endeavors, from a small group of very fine folks, through a service called Patreon.  Patreon is similar to Kickstarter, except that it does not seek a one-time amount… rather, folks become monthly patrons of my art… in return, they get rewards and constant updates along the way.

Using Patreon is really helpful on a number of levels:  it not only lessens the solitude of working alone in the studio, through the sharing of both the music and the process… but it also keeps me coming back to do more of what I love.  (Because this kind of art is not generally a big income raiser, it’s easy to start feeling like one is stealing time from “legitimate” pursuits in order to do it. There used to be months on end when I’d walk past my studio without ever touching it.  No more.)

PLUS… it’s expanding the breadth of that work.  In the past month alone, I’ve been working on two companion music videos – which has been a blast.  (I also LOVE video editing.)  And number three is right around the corner.

And I’ve been getting out to play live a bit as well… both with Mister Kick, and more recently, sitting in with my incredibly talented friend Dave Fields.  While I’m a studio brat by nature and history, it feels pretty great to get out and shake off the dust once in a while.

All of the above is what is taking most of my time these days, other than spending time with my honey wherever possible.

(for posts about a bunch of this stuff, visit tidbits.)

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