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Welcome to mark marshall .com v4!

Well hey there. Welcome to V4.  Yep - this is the 4th version of my site since it started way back in 1998 - pictured above. (No, really.  Here... you can go visit it in 2001.   🙂 ) It was long overdue for…

Happy New Year (again)

My yearly ode to you. <3

A bit of family history (video)

My father, aunts and uncle singing songs from way back... at a family gathering in Harwich Port, MA.

Mister Kick (video)

So I play with this awesome little band.... 🙂

Happy New Year

My Yearly ode.... 🙂

A dear friend...

  Judy Martin was indeed a dear friend.  Though our paths crossed with varying degrees of frequency, there was always love between us, and as is often the case with people who are close to you, we always picked up right where we…

A few snaps from NAMM

So for the first time, thanks to my friends at MJC Ironworks, I got to attend Winter NAMM. It was a blast and a half, and I got to meet some very special folks to boot. Here's a little pictrip through the adventure, which started with a cancelled…

Happy New Year.

My yearly ode to you, dear friends. Happy New Year.
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New Orleans kicked my ass

So here's part 2 of my Louisiana trip. New Orleans kicked my ass... in the best way possible.  And most of the ass kicking was done by women.  🙂 As some of you know who follow me on Facebook, or on this blog, I've had the good fortune…

Baton Rouge

(I just swung through both Baton Rouge and New Orleans on a 5-day trip.  I was going to Baton Rouge for the PreSonus annual PresonuSphere user conference, and because I have former NY friends who live in New Orleans half the year, and because…

A neat little "something" unearthed.

So if you know and love "Something to Believe", this'll knock your socks off. This was done a full year before the actual song was written - and it gives you an insight into how I often write. What you can hear is how much of a song…
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What I'm working on now...

There's a great quote from Trent Reznor in the latest SPIN magazine: "The way I work is that up to the last second stuff looks like shit, and at the last minute it comes together." I'm not a huge NIN fan, but I have always been a fan of what…