I just completed a rock and roll album called “Born Wired”.

5 years in the making, I did the whole thing myself.

And now I have to get it out into the world!

That costs money – so I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to get the album manufactured, distributed and promoted.

I have to raise $5000.00 by July 11th… and some very fine folks have already started the ball rolling – we’re over 47%!!!

If you help me do this, you’ll get some great music and some really cool gifts, like t-shirts, stickers and more… plus a credit on the actual album and videos.

You can see the campaign, and all of the perks at http://fundbornwired.com

(And wait ’til you see the video at the top of the campaign – it was a blast to make!)

Thank you!


Indiegogo has the campaign as trending, and has added it to their Arts & Film collection!