Girls Like You – the video

I LOVE making videos.  I love planning them, shooting them, and editing them.

The idea for this one was  (for the vast majority of it) to shoot it with a single view, and create most of the activity with just edits.  And to heighten the movement, all the performances were done to a slowed-down version of the song, and then sped up to match the actual track.

(I got this idea from the “Missionary Man” video by the Eurythmics. )

This one was a whole boatload of fun.  I did a bunch of test shoots before I shot the final – and Jess was so wonderful to work with – and just damned beautiful.

Two little fun tidbits… if you pause the “flashes”, you can see the test shoots in negative… along with the messy room….


Can you count the cats?




And here – one of the raw speed tests:

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