Gonna be joining my friends from Mister Kick for a freewheeling night of music at Keegan Ales on Saturday, July 22nd at 9pm.

To make it even sweeter, we’ll be joined by my longtime friend and guitar genius Dave Fields for the night.  So this one’s going to be a barnburner.

You can find the Facebook event here.

So Born Wired is FUNDED!

The morning after, I’m still just floored… and I can’t WAIT to get it out the door!

There are a bunch of folks to thank here – in two rounds:

My Patreon patrons, who have been with me, month in and month out, for nearly a year now:

Elyse Marshall Hook, Kevin Godbey, Jerri Shoulet, Cathy Cioffi, Alex Brown, Andrew Dark, Micky Kesterson, Jane Bloodgood Abrams, Rebecca Martin, Caroline Lee, Mavis Gewant, Dave Lee, Micharl Murgia, J. Thorn, Claudia Piano.

Without you, Born Wired wouldn’t be happening.


To all who contributed to the campaign to get Born Wired out:

Abby Straus, Alex Brown, Andrew Dark, Belynda Morris, Beth Brooks, Carey Rasmus, Carl Frankel, Cathy Cioffi, Charles Kibel, Christopher Kienle, Christy Keegan, Danielle Magestro, Darien Gold, Darlene Hadsel, Dave Lee and Caroline Lee, David Hallaway, Dave Fields, David Freeman, Dennis Winge, Diane Reeder, Liz de Nesnera, Erich Berg, Erika Napoletano, Franco Vogt, Gerald Berke, Helena Tenorio, Carolyn Honey Friedman, Larry Rosenthal, Jean Valentine and Don Valentine, John Fischer, John Scilipote, Jo Jayson, K.J. McIntyre, Kim Pecoraro, Kirby Adkins, Keith Slattery and Lindsey Webster, Lawrence Edwards, Lisa Hollinger, Linda Schneider, March Gallagher, Mark Klonfas, Mark Egan, Marta Szabo, Mary Andrews, Michael Levine and Laura Kavanau, Michael Moss, Michael Murgia, Mike Connolly and MJC Ironworks, Neil Alexander and Nita Alexander, Neil Segal, Pat Courtney Strong, Paul Brazier, Peter Buettner, Peter Cotsis, Peter Wetzler, Philip Bender-Tymon, Dustin Bryant and Planet Woodstock Music, Rebecca Martin, Richmond Johnston, Sandy Powell, Selena Jones, Serena Muh, Ed Kurys, Stephen & Dona Crawford, Tania Dakka, Tammie Allen, Ted Whitmore, Tricia Barber, Theresa Sullivan, Tom Jones, Tom Jones, Trini Garro, Tina Tarbutton, Wes Ackerman and Bill Flanagan.

There were others who wished to remain anonymous – but they know who they are.



And lastly, and most importantly:
Thank you to my honey, Jessica, for your support and belief in me.
I would NOT be here without you. I love you.


So those of you who have been following the Born Wired Indiegogo campaign know that the fine folks from MJC Ironworks have kindly offered custom sets of strings for the campaign.

And just today, the first prototype for the tin that will contain the strings is done!

How cool is this? (click to enlarge)

If you want a set of these, you’ll have to contribute to the campaign.  🙂

Visit the site here: http://fundbornwired.com


The folks at IndieBandGuru just posted a really lovely review of Born Wired:

“Imagine it’s the first day out of school and you need that one song to set you over the edge. Well, Mark Marshall made plenty of em. The album is jam-packed with neck-grooving drums and head-banging chord progressions. Each song gives you another reason to let loose and it’s hard not to take him up on his offer.

It’s the type of music to make you sneak out to. The type to make you break your own rules.

The type you definitely won’t listen to just once.”

You can read the whole review here.