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Playing O+!!! – The O Positive Festival

  I’ve lived in the city of Kingston, New York for over 10 years. It is my home, in a way that no other place has ever been. Which makes me particularly proud to have been accepted for a wonderful, nationally-growing event – The O+ (O Positive) Festival, which is based on a really simple […]

A lovely review…

As anyone knows who already has the album… When I set out to make Born Wired, I wanted to honor the rock and roll that bit me as a kid. Well, I just got a lovely review from Mike Campbell at The Chronogram magazine, who totally got it. “…a love letter to a bygone era […]

My Yearly New Year’s Ode

  In the last remaining hours of another year about to end I just had to take a moment and thank you for being my friend The world was better ’cause you were here and the moments we shared were dear to me And I can’t wait to spend another year with you. And many […]

Girls Like You – the video

I LOVE making videos.  I love planning them, shooting them, and editing them. The idea for this one was  (for the vast majority of it) to shoot it with a single view, and create most of the activity with just edits.  And to heighten the movement, all the performances were done to a slowed-down version […]